STEM Club of America Mission Statement

Our organization aspires to make a positive impact on our community by engaging students in grades K-12 through fun and educational programs focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

We will facilitate the growth of our STEM clubs with equipment, training labs and mentors who are experts in these areas.

STEM Club of America Inc is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit that supports STEM clubs in achieving their goals of providing educational technical training to the local community. Our organization provides STEM educational materials, equipment, mentors, meetup location options, and help running the clubs; all at no cost to our members.  We rely on financial funds, equipment donations, and volunteers to keep the clubs operational.

The 2019 donation campaign goal is to create two fully equipped STEM travel kits.  Each kit will be capable of supporting a class room of 20 seats.  Multiple STEM clubs will share the travel kits in order to achieve their training objectives.  Our campaign goal is to raise enough funds or equipment donations to complete the travel kits.  The itemized listing below is needed:

  • 40 Laptops (New or Used) (10 Received)
  • 40 Software Licenses
  • 2 Laser Projectors
  • 2 Portable Projector Screens
  • 2 Tripod Stand
  • 40 Raspberry Pi 4 Electronic Kits (6 Received )
  • 40 Keyboards & Mice (20 Received)
  • 20 Makeblock mBot Robots (1 Received )
  • 6 Power Outlet Stations & Extension Cords
  • Electronics Parts, Oscilloscope & Digital Meters (6 Soldering Stations Received)
  • Monetary Donations

Ways to Contribute

There are several different ways in which you can show your support for providing STEM training.  STEM Club of America Inc is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit and will provide a donation receipt for all donations.

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Donating Funds

Financial donations are much appreciated.  These allow the organization to purchase the equipment that makes the biggest impact, and to pay club expenses.  Upon request, financial donations can be used to purchase or pay towards specified equipment or expenses.

Donating Equipment

We also gratefully accept new or used equipment donations.  Please feel free to contact us if you have the equipment to donate that is not on the campaign list.  We frequently get donations of Raspberry Pi boards, electronics, power supplies, mBot robots, monitors and electrical meters, but we are constantly getting new members and more of these supplies are still needed.

Volunteering Your Time

STEM Club of America is always recruiting people who are generous enough to donate their time to helping the club.  We encourage our volunteers to have fun with their time and focus on what interests them.  We are currently looking for volunteers with various kinds of technical or non-technical skill sets.  Please contact us if you have any of the skill sets listed below:

  • Technical background
    • Interface with the club member to develop content that interests them
    • Provide labs
    • Assist in the implementation and troubleshooting of the labs
  • Non-technical background
    • Facilitate meetups and verify that all children have been picked up
    • Organize club parties and field trips
    • Make sure everything is clean and packed up for transport

We can also provide official volunteer hours documentation to your employer or school. We appreciate your help!

Volunteering Resources

Do you have a resource that the STEM clubs can use?  We are looking for conference/classrooms to host our STEM clubs.  The rooms should be able to host at least 20 desks.  We bring our own laptops and equipment, and are very respectful and careful guests.

Kids love food during the STEM club meetups!  We accept restaurants and precooked food from grocery stores.

Please contact us about the resources that you have to offer.

Appreciated Thank You Offer

Anonymous donations are respected and welcome.

Upon approval, we would love to place your corporate logo on our Generous Sponsors web page.  Your logo would be proudly displayed under the appropriate sponsor donation level.

Upon your request, your corporate logo will be placed on equipment donated by you, or purchased from your generous financial gift.  Your logo will also be advertised on our STEM sponsor slide and on our travel cases. Thank you for helping and supporting STEM Club of America!