STEM Club of America Mission Statement

Our organization aspires to make a positive impact on our community by engaging students in grades K-12 through fun and educational programs focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

We will facilitate the growth of our STEM clubs with equipment, training labs and mentors who are experts in these areas.

Our Goals

Technology Training

  • Demystify technology
  • Make learning interesting and fun
  • Provide access to a laptop for every participant

Personal Growth

  • Learn how to work with a team
  • Participate in community projects
  • Practice effective brainstorming skills and problem solving
  • Build self-confidence

Our STEM Clubs

  • Provide regular, donation driven, STEM meetups at no cost
  • Maintain club websites
  • Introduce and provide a deeper understanding of the STEM technology fields
  • Create an environment for both the club members and mentors to expand their skill sets


  • Have the opportunity to positively impact your community
  • Share your skill sets with people who are interested
  • Network with like-minded professionals

Training Resources

  • Seek donations of laptops, robotics, software and other STEM training equipment
  • Provide donated items for club member use during meetups
  • Create STEM training lessons, handouts and core training slides