STEM Club of America’s Clubs

STEM Club of America Inc helps support its current club and plans to start new STEM clubs as resources become available.

Girls Engineering & Coding Organization Club (GECO Club)

The GECO Club was created in December of 2017 by several parents and mentor volunteers.  Girls are under represented  in the cyber community.  We hope to change that.  Our members know that girls are as capable of doing the work as their male counterparts.  What they often lack is support and opportunity.

Our group is a safe, cooperative environment for girls to grow both in STEM subjects and self confidence.  This club serves both a social and technical function.  It is designed to focus on STEM teachings. The girls also learn and have fun with the occasional field trip or holiday party.  We are not offering STEM classes; we are offering a chance to learn with interactive engineering and coding activities in a fun and friendly environment.

The GECO Club meets up twice a month in Evans, Georgia.  Seating is limited due to the size of the conference room; however, we do plan on moving to a larger location later in 2019.  Parents are welcome to inquire about signing up their daughter(s). We would be happy to have new members if seating capacity allows. If not, we will gladly place you on the waiting list until more room becomes available.

Adding Another STEM Club 2019

STEM Club of America is currently planning on creating a second STEM club this year.  The 2019 donation campaign is targeted towards making the club meetups possible.  Please stay tuned for updates!