The Python language is great for learning programming, but is still practical for real world development.  Our Python development is currently done with version 3.X.X.  We also use the Python turtle class to produce art or drawings…kids love to draw!

Online References

You have the option of loading and installing Python X.X.X directly from their website link shown below.  It will install the Python libraries and the Python IDLE editor.  This editor is really basic and does not provide the best error messages.  We recommend installing one of the more advanced editors below.

Main Python Website

Python 3.X.X Download

The Thonny Python IDE offers better error messages and allows the programming to debug the code one line a time.

* Thonny Python IDE Download

PyCharm Community is a free, advanced Python editor which provides even better troubleshooting errors.  It might be difficult for a new developer to use, however.

** PyCharm Community Download