The name of the game was Amateur Radio! Today we were joined by the Amateur Radio Club of Columbia County (ARCCC). We learned about radio waves, transceivers, AC/DC power, digital and voice communications, and why people choose to become amateur operators.

After learning a bit about the how radios work we moved outside to attempt to talk over a satellite that was barely the buildings next to us.

Looking for a Satellite with Ruth (KM4LAO)

Next we moved back inside and continued our education with discussions about wavelength, frequency, and digital communications. We even got a chance to try our hand at Morse code!

_ _ . . _ . _ . _ _ _ You got that right?

Jim (KV4YA) talked about the emergency kit he put together that can assist local hospitals to maintain communications during a disaster. He even open sourced the plans so that others can learn from, build, and improve his design…

Worldwide communications in a box? But can I play Minecraft on it?

Some of our girls got a chance to talk on the radio to other operators in various parts of the country. Talk about reach!

My turn!

If at first you don’t succeed, try again. In the case of a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite, you may only have to wait for it to circle back around our planet. This time, it was a much better angle to the satellite and we made contacts as far away as Arizona!

There is it…. QSL! (Contact!)

Thanks again to Columbia County for opening up the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to house our meetup and a super loud and proud thank you to the Amateur Radio Club of Columbia County (ARCCC) for putting together this great event. Thank you so much!