What a meeting! The GECO Club came out in full force today to learn how to solder. A special thanks goes out to Weller for donating these soldering iron stations and Euchee Creek Library for allowing us to use their space.

We first discussed Ohms Law (yes, we can do math) to figure out which resister to use. We then discussed what the tiny colored lines meant and Mr Josh admitted he is getting too old to see them. Once we knew which components to use, we were off to the races.

Red, Red, Brown.. Who came up with this stuff?

We first pushed our LED through our circuit boards and bent the legs to hold them in place. Now which one was the positive leg again?

LED is in place!

Then we completed our circuit by placing our resisters and plugging in our positive and negative wires. With all of that complete, we took over the world. Ok maybe we didn’t take over the world but we sure had fun with solder and flux. So much so that the Librarians closed our door!!

Now that all our components are assembled, its now time to burn Mr Josh with this iron thing.

Great Success!!

Thanks again for all who came out to learn about soldering. We had so much fun, we’ll have to do another meetup very soon! Until then, keep smiling and solder on!

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