Solving Mazes

Solving Mazes

Today was bittersweet. Today we experimented in Python to build a class that could solve an maze of ASCII characters. While the code (available on our Github) was a little bit too difficult to build and understand in one club meeting, hopefully the girls got exposed to the basics of path finding. However, as much fun as all of that was, we said goodbye to some great mentors and friends. Today we said bye to Mr Dion and Mrs Stephanie.

Mr Dion is moving on to other opportunities and he will definitely be missed. Mr Dion, we appreciate all of your hard work and contributions. GECO club and the SCOA would not be what they are today without you. We wish him the best of luck in all of his future efforts.

Mrs Stephanie is taking a job with Mandiant where we know she’ll do great things and continue to inspire . If you ever make it back to the area, please stop in to say “hello” and show off your cyber ninja skills! Also, thank you for exposing us to dungeon crawlers and Dungeons and Dragons (DND).

Since its so close to the Holidays, we’ll be taking a break from the club to spend time with family. We’ll see you all in the New Year!

-Mr Josh-

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